3 Highlights From My London Adventure

The excitement people! I finally made it to London! Bucket list

The last weekend of august my friend Evelina and I made our way to the land of the Beatles and red telephone boxes. Visiting London has been something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time and our trip did not disappoint. Here are some of the highlights from our visit to Queen Elizabeth II hometown.

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea


Oh my dear sweet Lord! This was like a sweet dream of pastries, tea and bubbles, coated in a pink shimmer while floating on a fluffy cloud.

I’m pretty sure no words will be able to describe the absolute fabulous feeling it was to sit in a fancy pantsy hotel, eating small sandwiches, scones and treats while sipping tea and champagne.

When it comes to fine dining I’m pretty sure this is one of the more fancier meals I’ve ever had. It’s not only about the food and drinks, it’s everything! The atmosphere, the matching little tea set and the scented hand towels in the bathroom. I felt like a real life princess.

Afternoon tea


Afternoon Tea


The Lion KinG

This one was my idea. London is a very popular destination and many of my friends have already been here so I decided to asked around to see what they had to recommend. And so many of them said we should go see a show if we had the opportunity.

My decision landed on The Lion King and boy was it an absolutely fantastic show! After about 5 seconds we were gaping in astonishment at the sheer production value. The performances were great, the music was awesome and the service was impeccable. They came to our seats with our ordered drinks and snacks in between the acts, if that’s not service I don’t know what is!

If you ever get the chance to go see The Lion King I highly recommend it, you wont regret it!

Lion King London


At the theater- The Lion King



And last but definitely not least, Evelinas choice of activity- Zorbing. I had no freaking clue of what it was beforehand, but it was so much fun! Basically you, and your friend of choice, sit in a gigantic plastic ball that has been filled with a little bit of water and then, when you are situated and ready to go, they roll you down a hill. It feels like going down a water slide at a water park and it was totally amazing! The amount of laughs escaping me was pretty intense.




Both pictures are taken from GoZorbings facebook page.

These were the highlights from our trip and they were so much fun! I can definitely recommend them if you are going to visit London over a few days.

If you’ve been to London- what did you do while you were there? And if you haven’t been there yet- what would you like to do while visiting the city?

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