9 Things to Pack in Your Carry On – Long flight edition

CarryOn Long Flights


1. Phone

Your precious device that is your lifeline to the rest of the world. And while some flights have wifi on boards, far from everyone does, so remember to keep it in flight mood! You’ll just have to wait and reconnect with the world when you land. However, the phone is still your camera and your music storage. It will come to great use during the long hours on the plane.

2. Headphones

This is your life savior. This smart little device have 3 functions on a flight.
1. (the obvious function) Use them to listen to music or watch movies with.
2. (the please-do-not-disturb-function) Did you happen to get seated next to Chatty-Cathy? While it’s nice to exchange a few words with you’re closest neighbor on the flight it can also get real annoying real fast if all you want to do is relax and have some quiet time. Just pop in those earphones and it will work just as well as if you had a do-not-disturb-sign on your forehead. Just make sure they are plugged into something or you will not only be a jerk, your neighbor will know about, scheisse!
3. (The noise reducers) Is the kid two rows back making the entire airplane listen to their one-kid-show involving monologues, singing and a few sprints up and down the aisle? The earphones might not be as good as some hard core earplugs but they will reduce the noise enough for you to think about something else.

3. Computer/Tablet

Your entertainment for the flight. Most longer flights have individual entertainment stations and while those are usually equipped with a pretty good movie selection you might want to watch the TV-show or movies you have on your own device or you might want to work. The computer will be your best friend.

4. Snacks

Nom Nom Nom!

5. A book

I don’t mean an actual book made out of actual paper. We live in the age of technology and I want to welcome everyone to the very handy thing that is e-books and audio books. Just download your book of choice to your phone or tablet and you have some good entertainment without the extra weight in your bag. You’re welcome!

6. Lady supplies

Are you a dude? Too bad. Ladies- always be prepared. It’s not fun to be on an 20 hour flight without the necessary supplies.

7. An extra sweater

Flights have air condition, and the system will be pumping out fresh (cold) air into the plane from take off until you reach your destination. And you might be thinking that I’m just overly sensitive, and you’re a warm blood and there’s no way you’ll get cold. Well, if you don’t use the sweater as a heat protector you can be handily fold it up and use as an extra pillow (The pillows the flight company provides is usually thinner than F. Scott Fitzgeralds The Great Gatsby).

8. Toothbrush and toothpaste

This is the time to invest in some travel sized toothpaste (under 100ml). You might want to take care of that morning breath of yours for your fellow travelers sake (and your own).

9. Deodorant

I’m not saying you stink… but you stink. Ain’t nobody smelling like roses after sitting on a plane for hours and hours on end. Splash some of that fresh scent on your body before you leave the airport to go hang out with the locals. Don’t forget, it needs to be less than 100 ml to get through custom.

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