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Finishing Book Series

I just finished the Shades of Magic trilogy after binging the whole series in the last two weeks. And I feel emotionally drenched.

Am I the only one who feels like this after finishing a series? All shaky and fragile and a complete mess.

I loved the books, they were fun and engaging. The world was interesting and captivating and I’m utterly in love most of the characters and their relationships. The angry bickering between Kell and Alucard was laugh-out-loud-funny, the tension between Rhy and Alucard was intriguing but the one relationship I like the most was the brotherly love between Kell and Rhy. It was heartbreaking at times and light and easy other times and I’m a complete mess after how the book ended.

Because it was a happy ending. Theres not doubt in my mind that this series had a happy ending. Lila got what she wanted, Alucard got what he wanted, Kell got what he wanted. The only one who wasn’t where he maybe would have liked to be was Rhy, but it wasn’t an unhappy ending for him, just a heavier one.

But I think its parting with these characters that’s the hardest thing. They have been my closest companions over the last couple of weeks and just like that- its over.

Putting back the last book on the shelf, leaving the world and the characters behind, sometimes feel like a heavier motion than it should be. A part of me feels like I’m abandoning the world as I look around and try to decided what to read next and an other part of me wants to hug the book tight and never let go.

But stories will stay with us if we let them. And that’s what I intent to do.




December Plans

Can you believe we’re already at the end of the year? The holiday spirit has arrived and I’m feeling festive. December is always a month when everything seems to be happening at the same time so I thought I would write down my plans for the month.

The Reasonable:
I’m planing to read the Shades of Magic trilogy by V.E. Schwab. I just started the first book and I’m currently 60 pages in and so far I’m intrigued. I’ve only heard good things so I don’t see a reason I wouldn’t love it.

The Yay!-factor:
I’m going to attempt making a Junk Journal for myself, from scratch. I’ve been watching a ton of junk journal videos and tutorials on youtube and I’m feeling mad inspired and ready to take on this project. December feels like the perfect month for being creative and journaling.

The Ironic:
I need to start planing my 2018 bullet journal in time. Seriously me, you need to start planning your planning better. The last few months I’ve started planning the next month way too late and ended up with only half the months pages done when the 1st rolled around. And setting up a new year is so much bigger than just a single month, so I need to get on that. Post it notes are my friends.

The Must:
Planing my sisters hen party. Need to get on that ASAP! Like yesterday.

The Festive:
Making my own Christmas cards, as I’ve said before, December = Creativity. Also equally important, send out the Christmas cards.

I’m sure I have other things I should be doing but these are the once I can come up with right now. I hope you also have some fun plans for December and that you are well and happy.




Finish Your Series Read-A-Thon

For anyone who’s ever done a Read-A-Thon knows it can get kind of crazy. I participated in Booktube-A-Thon this year and I managed to finish 3 books and start a 4th in just that single week. And I read some truly wonderful books. The downside was I had work for 6 days so I didn’t feel like I could really give it my all.

But I’m going to have some serious downtime between the 4th-7th of September so I thought I should do my own Read-A-Thon.

I figured there should be some kind of theme for my Read-A-Thon so I started looking through my bookshelf and TBR and I found I have some series I can finish just by reading one or two books. So that’s my challenge for this 4 day Read-A-Thon. Finish as many series as possible.

So far I have 2 for-sure-books on my TBR:

  • Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken. The last book in the Passenger duality which I’ve been putting off reading for the past half year. Now is the time!
  • Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins. Technically not part of a series but it’s a companion book to Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door so I’m counting this. It’s my Read-A-Thon, I can make my own rules 🙂

My plan is to vlog during this but we’ll see how that goes. No promises! Haha.

I’m sooo looking forward to September. I have a feeling this will be really fun!





April Wrap Up


I can’t believe it either.

Two whole books in one month and one was basically a picture book. Am as awestruck as you by my ability to slack.

Yes, it was Camp Nano but considering I only managed to reach half my goal it’s pretty amazing I did so badly on reading as well. I’ll blame it on my week long stomach bug that had me hallucinating (not really) and sleep my days away (yes really).

So lets get into my two reads.

This book was a reread and I just can’t get enough of this wonderful tale and the even more wonderful characters. I swoon every time I talk about this book so just imagine the dreamy look in my eyes. I read this for the first time almost exactly a year ago and since then I’ve reread it 3 times. Basically, I just want to live in that world and be best friend with Simon. Can we arrange that, like pronto?


That’s a mouthful! It’s a fun addition to the shadowhunter world for the hardcore fan but definitely not a necessity. It took my just over an hour to read the entire thing so don’t expect any big reveals or background stories on you favorite characters. But the pictures are pretty and it’s just a fun thing to have.


So that’s about it for this week. My goal for this month was 2 books so I didn’t do that bad. But I put down 2 books with the reservation I was doing Camp Nano. And that didn’t go as planned. But better luck next month when I’m back to the standard 5 book goal. Woho!