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I went to Ireland

Surprise, I went on another trip. This time I traveled with my mum for a long weekend to Dublin and the surrounding area. It was an absolutely fantastic trip and I had a lot of fun exploring the city.

Trinity college Dublin

To be completely honest with you guys, this trip happened back in the beginning of April which is why the weather appear gray in the pictures. It might also be that I smashed my phone on the pavement and lost a lot of the pictures from the trip…

For our first day (arrival day) we explored the shopping street, Dublin Castle and had a glass of afternoon wine before going out to dinner. We finished the day strong at the bar at our hotel.

Second day was our big sightseeing day! I’ve borrowed a guide book from a friend/Ireland fanatic so with the book in one hand, my camera in the other and an exciting mother by my side I acted as a private tour guide. We visited Trinity College (pic above) and saw various monuments, old neighborhoods and had ice cream in the freezing weather before we dashed into a coffee place right as it started to rain. After crossing the canal on the Ha’penny Bridge (called so because you once had to pay half a penny to cross and now acts as the oldest pedestrian bridge in Dublin) we found a nice little bar for a glass of afternoon wine before going out to dinner and finished up the day at the hotel bar.

Our last full day in Ireland we left the city of Dublin for a day trip to the village of Howth (I spent most of the day trying to pronounce that in my brain, still doesn’t get it). It was a short train ride and suddenly we were out on the Ireland countryside. We walked out to the pier, walked along the picturesque cobblestone streets before sitting down to have a filling lunch. It really was the highly of the trip and such a nice place to visit.

Howth Pier

We finished of the day (yeah you know the drill by now) with a nice dinner and drinks at the hotel bar.

If you haven’t visited Ireland yet it’s a about time you look over your schedule and did something about it.

With love,

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DESTINATION SYDNEY | 5 places not to miss

Sydney is a city with a lot to offer. No matter if you’re here for just a few days or you’re staying for weeks there is always something new to discover. I’ve made a list of 5 places and things to do that every Sydney-visitor needs to experience at least once.

Destintaion Sydney: 5 places not to miss while visiting one of the greatest citys.

1. Sydney Opera House

We are starting out with a classic! I know, no one has to be told or reminded of the big white house in Sydney Harbour that has hosted some of the greatest musicians in modern time. But (yes there is a but) everyone who has been to Sydney needs the obligatory touristy picture of themselves in front of the Opera House. Strike a pose, do the jumping-picture or get really close and take a picture of your hand touching the tiles, it’s a pretty amazing building. And even though the area are full of expensive tourist shops, take a moment to sit down and enjoy the view and watch as ferries leaves and enter the Sydney harbour. It’s kind of an amazing thing to experience.

2. Pancakes on the Rocks

Pancakes on the Rocks- the most amazing pancake in all of Sydney.

This may be the best pancakes I’ve ever had in my entire life. Pancakes on the Rocks are located in the small city area called The Rocks. The Rocks was once a slum, occupied mostly by sailors and prostitutes but now days it’s a charming tourist area.

Pancakes on the Rocks have a large menu, not limited to pancakes although that’s the reason I would go there. They are open 24 hours a day so you can get a very nice midnight snack or a sugar filled lunch, depending on what you are looking for.

To be honest, it’s not the cheapest place to go and if you are on a tight budget it will make a pretty big, black hole in your wallet, as far as food budget goes. But if you want to celebrate something or just wants a bit of luxury in your everyday backpack life this is the place I would recommend.

3. Manly Beach

Manley Beach

Sydney center can be busy and crowded a lot of the time and you might feel like you want to relax and chill for a day. Manly Beach is the place for you. If you think this is a very manly beach with a lot of handsome men to gaze at, as you take in the sun, you are correct. Although, that’s not all Manly Beach has to offer.

The easiest way to get there is by ferry, and the view from the ferry as you pass by Sydney will be an experience in itself. You don’t have to worry about the trip being time consuming, I would advice to set off a whole day for Manly Beach, or maybe even book a hostel room and stay a night or two. Not because the ferry takes a lot of time but because you will love the relaxed and laid back atmosphere of the area. Small restaurants and shops line the boardwalk and the pedestrian street, so if the sun gets to be too hot you can always walk around in the air conditioned stores or sit in the shadow of a restaurant while cooling off with a cold drink.

4. Royal Botanic Garden

Relaxing in the shadow of a tree in the royal botanic garden, Sydney.

This is the most crowded place during New Years Eve because it has the best view over Sydney Harbour Bridge where the fireworks are fired from. If you decide to celebrate New Years Eve in the Royal Botanic Garden you should be prepared for waking up early, getting a big packed lunch and head out to the Garden at the break of dawn, this way you might get a somewhat good place for the big spectacle midnight will bring. But even if it’s not New Years Eve when you visit Sydney, this place still has one of the best views over the Opera House and Sydney Bridge.

However, this is also a very nice place to spend a random sunny afternoon, just walking around and take in all the green colors around you. Sit down and relax in the shade of a tree or make the most of the sun and work on your tan (but don’t forget the sunscreen).

5. Paddys Markets.

Paddys Markets are located just on the outskirt of Chinatown and this is the place to be if you want to find souvenirs for friends and families. Just take an hour or two to walk around the place and take in the smells, the sounds and the atmosphere of the market. The best part, according to me, is the section where they sell fresh fruits and veggies. During my months in Sydney I often went here to buy kiwis, mangos, bananas and other fresh things. With almost no money at all you can make a kick ass fruit salad that will have your taste buds thank you for an eternity.

BONUS: Darling Harbour

Darling Harbor

A bonus?! You say what now? I know, it’s amazing when something like this happens. I couldn’t write a post like this and not mention Darling Harbour. Although the place is a big touristy spot I would still take my time to see this place, walk around for a bit and sit down by the dock, maybe with an ice cream or a chilling smoothie. If you decided to sit down with your lunch or some other food item, I would advice you to protect it with everything you’ve got because the seagulls are very unforgiving and they don’t care if you are done with your food or not. They will nick it right out of your hand if you’re not careful. I got a perfectly, barley started, kebab ruined this way.

From Darling Harbour you have an excellent view of the city skyline and if you decide to visit the area after dark you will have some spectacular photos to show off to friends and families when you get home.

Have you been to any of these places and would you recommend them to your fellow travelers? Tell me which places would be on your list? And if you haven’t been to Sydney yet, tell me if these are places you would like to visit or if there are other things in Sydney you’ve been dying to see.