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Nanowrimo: The Statistics


This was my 8th year participating and my 7th year winning. I have consistently participated in nanowrimo since 2010.

Life time word count: 467,800

This year: 102,144 words

Won on day 13

I wrote 2 stories:
Framed: 50168 words
Where We Belong: 51973 words

Best day:  6896 words (day 7)

Worst day: 2020 words (day 5)

Average: 3404 words/day

Over 2000 words: 30 days

Over 3000 words: 17 days

Over 4000 words: 8 days

Over 5000 words: 3 days

Over 6000 words: 1 day

Wordsprints: 49 times

Wordsprints: 20 hours, 20 minutes

Wordsprints: 34,527 words

I think that’s all the statistics I’ve kept track of over the last month. It’s been a crazy and very roller coaster-y month but still a good one.

This will be my last nanowrimo update of the year but I’ll keep updating the blog on other things during the rest of the year and then we’ll start the craziness over again next October.



Nanowrimo: The End


It’s December 1st and its the calm before the storm. For the first couple of days in December I’ll just relax and chill before everything Christmas begins.

November was crazy good this year. Even thou I hit a slump in the third week I still managed to pull through and hit 102144 words. I’m going to do a big statistical post later in the month but for now I just want to say:

I made it!

Big time!

I’ve already started thinking about next year and right now my brain is yelling at me to not do a 100K month again. But we’ll see in about 11 months time.

What I can say is that I’ve really enjoyed blogging this time of year and documenting it all. I’ve had to stick to my plans and promises in a way that never would have happened if I hadn’t written them down on the internet. So I just want to thank the internet for keeping me accountable.

I hope everyone had a great November, no matter how much you wrote, and that December has started just as great.






Nanowrimo: Week 4 Update


Day 27 of Nanowrimo has just passed and my statues is 93559 words.


Do you guys know what that means? I have to write exactly 2147 words each day for the last remaining 3 days and then I’ll have reached 100000 words!

That’s 5 zeros.

F I V E !

I’m going to be completely honest here, two days ago I just wanted to give up and stop writing, the big hit of 2017 happened last week and I had to force myself to sit down and write 2000 words every day. But I did it! And now there’s only the home stretch left and my goal is so near I can almost touch it! I will run straight through it and raise my hands in the air, wave to the neighbors and fist pump until I get a cramp in my hand.




Nanowrimo: Week 3 Update


I want to tell you it’s been a good week. If you just look at the numbers it’s actually been a magnificent week. I’ve written about 22000 words the last week and my current word count is 78547. Such an overachiever (eye roll). I’ve also validate my word count so I’m officially a winner. Applause!

But all that aside- Oh my god! I just want to go burry myself somewhere and sleep for about 48 hours.

It’s not that I don’t like my story, I do actually, the new one I started last week is so much fun writing and I love the characters. They are just the right amount of mix between sarcasm, tragedy and humor that gets me going. The problem is, I just feel worn out. My head feels like it might explode just thinking about writing.

And this is when most sane people would say it’s okay to take a break. That I’m already well over the goal and shouldn’t worry about it. Maybe I even deserve a break.

But here’s where my brain goes crazy.

When I started this month I had a secret goal of writing at least 2000 words every day. That would have landed me at a minimum of 60000 words. And so far I haven’t had a day under 2000 words. And that’s a pattern. And my brain loves patterns. So you know…

If I write 2000 words on the 8 remaining days I’ll end up on 94500 words. And that’s just too close to 100000 words to miss out on. So that’s happening. New goal is to hit 100000 words in one month.

Yes, I do know it’s crazy and I do understand that my head might actually explode.

But I will have reached six digits! Do you get that! How many people can say they wrote 2 novels in a month and over 100000 words? Those bragging rights, man! I will be a pretentious monster who finds any and all situations to tell everyone about that one time she wrote two novels in a month. Sounds glorious, right? ^^




Nanowrimo: Week 2 Update


The second week of the big Nano adventure of 2017 is over and so is my story.

Yep, you read that right. I finished my story. At 50168 words I finished my original nanowrimo story for the year. On day 13.

So what do you do when you have 16 days left of nanowrimo and no more story? You start a new one. Obviously…

I was hit with the shiny new idea syndrome about a week ago and my head just wouldn’t stop screaming at me so I said to myself: “If you finish your current story you can start writing your shiny new idea” Said and done, I wrote 27000 words in 6 days. Stats man, you gotta love ’em.

So today was my first day with my shiny new idea and it was glorious. It’s contemporary! I love contemporary, why I don’t just stick to contemporary is beyond me. Fantasy and all that jazz is so attractive but when it comes down to the nitty gritty of things contemporary is my jam.

The mountain bike aspect of the story might not be as prominent as I originally thought, but I’m still hilariously uninformed on the subject. Google is my friend, like they say, but google has not been very helpful this time. I think I need to do a bit more in depth digging but right now I just want to write, so that will have to be an issue for December.

So far I’ve been able to keep up with my goals of writing 2000 words minimum each day. Even a day like today, when I was completely beat after my marathon of getting to 50000 words yesterday, I still managed to get 2000 words down. It think I deserve a pat on the back. Or some thai food.