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April Wrap Up


I can’t believe it either.

Two whole books in one month and one was basically a picture book. Am as awestruck as you by my ability to slack.

Yes, it was Camp Nano but considering I only managed to reach half my goal it’s pretty amazing I did so badly on reading as well. I’ll blame it on my week long stomach bug that had me hallucinating (not really) and sleep my days away (yes really).

So lets get into my two reads.

This book was a reread and I just can’t get enough of this wonderful tale and the even more wonderful characters. I swoon every time I talk about this book so just imagine the dreamy look in my eyes. I read this for the first time almost exactly a year ago and since then I’ve reread it 3 times. Basically, I just want to live in that world and be best friend with Simon. Can we arrange that, like pronto?


That’s a mouthful! It’s a fun addition to the shadowhunter world for the hardcore fan but definitely not a necessity. It took my just over an hour to read the entire thing so don’t expect any big reveals or background stories on you favorite characters. But the pictures are pretty and it’s just a fun thing to have.


So that’s about it for this week. My goal for this month was 2 books so I didn’t do that bad. But I put down 2 books with the reservation I was doing Camp Nano. And that didn’t go as planned. But better luck next month when I’m back to the standard 5 book goal. Woho!




March Wrap Up

I’m not going to say I hit a reading slump this month but I definitely didn’t read as much as I did in the beginning of the year. Most of all I just want to read Lady Midnight right now but I’m holding out for when Lord of Shadows comes out because I’ve heard there’s a big cliff hanger at the end of Lady Midnight. Gonna spare myself that agonizing wait, if you know what I mean.

But on to the books I actually read in March.

Why is it only the third book? I need the last one now and I can’t wait to see how this all ends! So far I think the first book has been the best in the series and it did take me little while to get into this one but that ending yo! Why are you all such terrible people, determined to live terrible lives and destroy each other in the process? I just can’t!

Yeah yeah, I know, it’s been a long time coming, I’m finally getting to Stephanie Perkins books. Here’s the thing, I’m not sure if I had too high expectations and got underwhelmed or if these books are overly hyped. Don’t give me wrong. They are good books with sweet, funny and romantic moments- especially Anna an the French Kiss. But I was expecting more. My biggest problem was with the two main characters. I couldn’t help but see Anna as a whiny brat and Lola as selfish and even cruel at times. However, Anna got 4 stars and Lola 3 stars so they weren’t terrible in any way and if you are looking for a sweet and romantic book you should definitely pick these up.

My goal for this month was to read 5 books. It’s a book more than I need to stay on track but it’s good to have a buffer. But considering I could have very easily slipped into a reading slump I’m totally happy with the 3 books I’ve read this month. Yay for me.

How did you do this month? Did you read any good books this month? Let me know, I’m always looking for book recommendations.



Quarterly Goals Spring 2017

Truth Time!

I often set up goals but I’m incredibly bad at keeping track of them. Which inevitably means I don’t fulfill them. So, as a change I will tell AnneliWorld my goals. Yes, I’m going to shame and guilt myself into keeping my own goals. Isn’t that how everyone does it?

With no further ado I will give you my mighty list of goals for this quarter.

  • Write 30.000 words. (Write write write write all the words)
  • Finish first round of edits on ISP or WWC. Because seriously!
  • Win Camp Nano. Obviously.
  • Post at least 1 blogpost per week. (Fridays)
  • Keep up with the blog. Ultimately have posts scheduled for 1 month ahead.
  • Read 12 books (Dude, where are all my short books…?)
  • Write 2 book reviews.
  • Post on Instagram once a week. My favorite app, but I’m not particularly good at using.
  • Finish 2 paintings. In all the pretty colors! Or black and white depending on my current mood.
  • Do more mandala art. Because i’s therapeutic.
  • Send out Easter cards. Because who wouldn’t want a chicken card?
  • Try 3 new recipes. Because otherwise I’ll eat sandwiches and pasta for 3 months.
  • Go on 3 hikes. Spring is in the air, la la la la…
  • Fix and prepare everything for my birthday party. Gah! I’m turning old :O

This might seem like a lot of goals but the point with this very long list of goals is to aim for the stars and land on the moon. If I’m having a good 3 months I should be able to keep up with at least half of them. Ultimately I would be able to do them all but lets be realistic.

I’ll check back again at the end of June and we can see how good I’ve been. Hopefully we’ll have a reason to celebrate.

Now it’s time for me to go prep some more for Camp Nano that begins at midnight. Good luck to you if you’re participating!



February Wrap Up

So I finished of my Shadowhunters binge by reading this month.

Both good books but out of the two of them I have to say Tales from the Shadowhunters Academy was slightly better despite the Bane Chronicles being about one of my favorite characters.

I also managed to finish

And I use the word manage because I started this book months ago but never got around to finish it. And now I’ve done the same with the third book in the series. I wish I could say I like the Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children books but so far they haven’t been able to keep my interest for long and they both taken the longest time to finish.

Finally I read 4 contemporary books this month.

Both A List of Cages and History Is All You Left Me are heart wringing stories that left me sobbing like a crazy person.

I had high expectations for Last Seen Leaving and while it was a good book I found a few of the elements in the book to be rather predictable.

You know me well unfortunately was a little bit of a disappointment. But one thing I have to give it credit for was that every speaking character (except for the parents) was part of the LGBTQ+ community. Big thumbs up for that. The story on the other left more to be desired.

How did your February read go? I’m very happy with my 7 books which puts my ahead of my reading goal for this year.




January Wrap Up

Hallelujah, I’m back 😀

So, for the past year I’ve gotten back into reading in a way I haven’t since my teenage years. Last year I managed to read 51 books which was 50 more than the year before. Pretty much a win in my book. This year I’ve put my Goodreads goal to 52 books, not a drastic increase but I want to be sure I can hit it while still remaining a challenge. One book a week should do that for me.

So, since me reading have been lacking for the past 10 years I’ve basically missed every big thing within the literary community and it’s time to catch up. For January I had a goal to finish 5 books and I spent the month binge reading Cassandra Clairs books.

I loved them all and you can bet your behinds I’ve already ordered The Bane Chronicles, Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy and Lady Midnight. And on top of that I’m following the tv-show Shadowhunters religiously. Say what you want about the accuracy to the books, it still highly entertains me.

If you for some reason haven’t read these books yet I would suggest you get right on top of that. It’s fast paced, with fun and interesting characters that you will end up both loving and hating.

On top of these books I also finished

which was a slight disappointment over all. It’s a compilation of 12 short stories by 12 YA authors and while some of the stories were interesting enough there were also some I just couldn’t finish. Either for their share ridiculousness or I just found them boring or uninteresting. I got the feeling that some of the stories had been written for the book and not because it was a story the author wanted to tell.

I can safely say I hit my goal of 5 books for the month and I’m feeling pretty fly (dusting of the shoulder). Hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up for February.