Finishing Book Series

I just finished the Shades of Magic trilogy after binging the whole series in the last two weeks. And I feel emotionally drenched.

Am I the only one who feels like this after finishing a series? All shaky and fragile and a complete mess.

I loved the books, they were fun and engaging. The world was interesting and captivating and I’m utterly in love most of the characters and their relationships. The angry bickering between Kell and Alucard was laugh-out-loud-funny, the tension between Rhy and Alucard was intriguing but the one relationship I like the most was the brotherly love between Kell and Rhy. It was heartbreaking at times and light and easy other times and I’m a complete mess after how the book ended.

Because it was a happy ending. Theres not doubt in my mind that this series had a happy ending. Lila got what she wanted, Alucard got what he wanted, Kell got what he wanted. The only one who wasn’t where he maybe would have liked to be was Rhy, but it wasn’t an unhappy ending for him, just a heavier one.

But I think its parting with these characters that’s the hardest thing. They have been my closest companions over the last couple of weeks and just like that- its over.

Putting back the last book on the shelf, leaving the world and the characters behind, sometimes feel like a heavier motion than it should be. A part of me feels like I’m abandoning the world as I look around and try to decided what to read next and an other part of me wants to hug the book tight and never let go.

But stories will stay with us if we let them. And that’s what I intent to do.




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