I went to Ireland

Surprise, I went on another trip. This time I traveled with my mum for a long weekend to Dublin and the surrounding area. It was an absolutely fantastic trip and I had a lot of fun exploring the city.

Trinity college Dublin

To be completely honest with you guys, this trip happened back in the beginning of April which is why the weather appear gray in the pictures. It might also be that I smashed my phone on the pavement and lost a lot of the pictures from the trip…

For our first day (arrival day) we explored the shopping street, Dublin Castle and had a glass of afternoon wine before going out to dinner. We finished the day strong at the bar at our hotel.

Second day was our big sightseeing day! I’ve borrowed a guide book from a friend/Ireland fanatic so with the book in one hand, my camera in the other and an exciting mother by my side I acted as a private tour guide. We visited Trinity College (pic above) and saw various monuments, old neighborhoods and had ice cream in the freezing weather before we dashed into a coffee place right as it started to rain. After crossing the canal on the Ha’penny Bridge (called so because you once had to pay half a penny to cross and now acts as the oldest pedestrian bridge in Dublin) we found a nice little bar for a glass of afternoon wine before going out to dinner and finished up the day at the hotel bar.

Our last full day in Ireland we left the city of Dublin for a day trip to the village of Howth (I spent most of the day trying to pronounce that in my brain, still doesn’t get it). It was a short train ride and suddenly we were out on the Ireland countryside. We walked out to the pier, walked along the picturesque cobblestone streets before sitting down to have a filling lunch. It really was the highly of the trip and such a nice place to visit.

Howth Pier

We finished of the day (yeah you know the drill by now) with a nice dinner and drinks at the hotel bar.

If you haven’t visited Ireland yet it’s a about time you look over your schedule and did something about it.

With love,

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