Mandala Madness

For the past couple of months I’ve discovered Mandalas. More precisely I’ve discovered how addicting, peaceful and soothing they can be to work on. It’s like a balm to my soul and they look cool when they are done.

I was mostly inspired by the lovely Olivia and her skillful ways to defacing books with Mandala Art. Her youtube channel is one of my favorites and her Instagram is full of inspirations. So if you want to see some truly jaw dropping pieces of art go check her out.

My personal journey into Mandala Art started out colorful. I just wanted to try it out so why not use as many colors as possible? I used cheap water color paper and I didn’t like the structured texture of the paper but it’s thick and stable and lays flat even after I’ve pulled it out of the pad.


As I looked around on Pinterest I found a lot of black and white mandala art and dude, so freaking cool!


I’ve been playing around with the technic for a little while and I’ve tried a few different things. Among those this yin yang design that I was pretty happy with how it turned out.


My current project is this world map made in A3 drawing paper. I’m not done with it yet but so far things are going as planed. Next up I want to fill in the world with color, not sure how or with what medium, I’m still debating that part. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.


For all of my Mandala work I’ve use the Stabilo point 88 pens. They’ve been my favorite pens for a long time and comes in a lot of different colors. Not the most inexpensive pens but I buy them in big packs to save a little bit of money. Although I always have to buy extra in black… ^^ oh life!


Have a lovely day!


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