My Magical WishList!

Magical Wishlist


I just wrote a list of things I want and probably will bock off sometime in the future. So I thought, why not share my greed and material happiness with the world?

  1. iMac. I’m sitting by my big as desk with my teeny tiny laptop and I just want something bigger and better and shiny and new. Heart-smilyface.
  2. Brimnes guest bed from Ikea. It’s the swede in me I’ll never be able to remove. This glories, while kind of boring furniture, will be turned into a cozy reading nest where I will spend all of my free time.
    + A super duper good mattress because I need to feel like a princess
    + Pillows until the end of the world. Big fluffy pillows!
  3. Books!!! Because I can’t get enough of them and I need all the books in my life. All of the books!!!
  4. A dog. Who doesn’t want a fluffy little animal who’s always happy to see you and will love you unconditionally? Woof!
  5. Ring light. Because (as stated before) I live in the cold and dark as fuck country of Sweden and there never seems to be enough daylight.
  6. Final Cut Pro X. Because my current Final cut Express has gone on a strike and I can’t seem to get it to cooperate with me.
  7. Small vlogging camera. Just because it’s easy to keep in my pocket and I’m not particularly found of the quality the iPhone produces.

As stated before, this is a magical wishlist and a very materialistic one. Not all of these things are going to come my way. But some of them might. I hope. *Holding my thumbs so hard*

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