Nanowrimo: Change of Plans


Day 11 is getting to an end and I’ve just hit 40000 words. Feels pretty amazing, not going to lie. I’ll have reached 50000 by day 14, at the very latest, and then what? My story is getting near the end but I’m determined to not stop writing. My goals is to write every single day and to have a minimum daily word count of 2000 words.

To achieve this I’ve decided to start on a second story. The one I’m writing right now is a near future dystopian where a governmental experiment goes right. But my next one will be a contemporary. I love the thought of writing fantasy, dystopian and ┬ásci-fi but most of the time I enjoy contemporary more.

So, starting on day 14 I will start a new novel, after I’ve finished my first one. I don’t have a word goal for this one. I would love to write 50000 more words but I’m not going to go crazy over it.

I haven’t decided on a title yet but it will be about mountain bikes. Which I know nothing about, sooo… that will be interesting. I might even create a drinking game: Lets see how many things Anneli can get wrong about Mountain Bikes- drink every time! I’ll keep you updated on twitter. Also, if you have any knowledge about mountain bikes (the sport, the equipment, the training) don’t be afraid to share.

I hope nano is treating you well. Happy writing!




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