Nanowrimo: The End


It’s December 1st and its the calm before the storm. For the first couple of days in December I’ll just relax and chill before everything Christmas begins.

November was crazy good this year. Even thou I hit a slump in the third week I still managed to pull through and hit 102144 words. I’m going to do a big statistical post later in the month but for now I just want to say:

I made it!

Big time!

I’ve already started thinking about next year and right now my brain is yelling at me to not do a 100K month again. But we’ll see in about 11 months time.

What I can say is that I’ve really enjoyed blogging this time of year and documenting it all. I’ve had to stick to my plans and promises in a way that never would have happened if I hadn’t written them down on the internet. So I just want to thank the internet for keeping me accountable.

I hope everyone had a great November, no matter how much you wrote, and that December has started just as great.






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