Nanowrimo: The Statistics


This was my 8th year participating and my 7th year winning. I have consistently participated in nanowrimo since 2010.

Life time word count: 467,800

This year: 102,144 words

Won on day 13

I wrote 2 stories:
Framed: 50168 words
Where We Belong: 51973 words

Best day:  6896 words (day 7)

Worst day: 2020 words (day 5)

Average: 3404 words/day

Over 2000 words: 30 days

Over 3000 words: 17 days

Over 4000 words: 8 days

Over 5000 words: 3 days

Over 6000 words: 1 day

Wordsprints: 49 times

Wordsprints: 20 hours, 20 minutes

Wordsprints: 34,527 words

I think that’s all the statistics I’ve kept track of over the last month. It’s been a crazy and very roller coaster-y month but still a good one.

This will be my last nanowrimo update of the year but I’ll keep updating the blog on other things during the rest of the year and then we’ll start the craziness over again next October.



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