Nanowrimo: Week 1 Update


Hello fellow Nano fighters!

The first week is over and I hope everyone have had a good and productive couple for first days. Personally I’ve already reached 20000 words in 6 days which, I’m not gonna lie, makes me feel like a superhero.

For me, the key to being able to write a lot of words is to not take it too seriously. I’m not taking my writing, my plot or myself anywhere near ‘too seriously’. I am well aware that those 20000 words I’ve written are to a major extent crap. They are complete and utter shitty crap.

But that doesn’t matter. I’m well on my way of getting my story down on paper and I’m spending some quality time with my characters and I’m developing a craft I love doing.

I’m not thinking about the future. The future have absolutely nothing to do with Nanowrimo. Nanowrimo is all about what’s going on now, in this moment and the future doesn’t give a shit about your future plans- and neither should you. The one single year when Nanowrimo felt like a chore and not like a fun month of doing what I love was the year I was writing to get published. The project turned out to be the most boring thing I have ever written and I was miserable writing it.

So write what you love. Write the characters that you find intriguing. Jump between POV’s as if they were all on fire (maybe they are). Put them in a world you know you’ll enjoy and love. There are no musts or rules for Nanowrimo. If you want your villain to be riding a horse-sized frog in the middle of Manhattan while giving away free chocolate that turns everyone who eats it into a talking ferret. Why not? You do you!

So don’t be discouraged or too afraid. Just sit down and write what ever comes to mind. And if that is a crazy villain, a courageous hero or a simple plain high school student who’s biggest problem is getting a D on his math test, that’s not the point.

The point is: You Are Writing!




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