Nanowrimo: Week 3 Update


I want to tell you it’s been a good week. If you just look at the numbers it’s actually been a magnificent week. I’ve written about 22000 words the last week and my current word count is 78547. Such an overachiever (eye roll). I’ve also validate my word count so I’m officially a winner. Applause!

But all that aside- Oh my god! I just want to go burry myself somewhere and sleep for about 48 hours.

It’s not that I don’t like my story, I do actually, the new one I started last week is so much fun writing and I love the characters. They are just the right amount of mix between sarcasm, tragedy and humor that gets me going. The problem is, I just feel worn out. My head feels like it might explode just thinking about writing.

And this is when most sane people would say it’s okay to take a break. That I’m already well over the goal and shouldn’t worry about it. Maybe I even deserve a break.

But here’s where my brain goes crazy.

When I started this month I had a secret goal of writing at least 2000 words every day. That would have landed me at a minimum of 60000 words. And so far I haven’t had a day under 2000 words. And that’s a pattern. And my brain loves patterns. So you know…

If I write 2000 words on the 8 remaining days I’ll end up on 94500 words. And that’s just too close to 100000 words to miss out on. So that’s happening. New goal is to hit 100000 words in one month.

Yes, I do know it’s crazy and I do understand that my head might actually explode.

But I will have reached six digits! Do you get that! How many people can say they wrote 2 novels in a month and over 100000 words? Those bragging rights, man! I will be a pretentious monster who finds any and all situations to tell everyone about that one time she wrote two novels in a month. Sounds glorious, right? ^^




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